We Provide ATMs for business and events in North Texas. ATMs are a great way to increase cash sales, lower credit card expense, and increase traffic to your business or event.


Free shipping and installations. We cover the cost of the machines—a $5,000 value.


Business receive a percentage of every ATM transaction, resulting in profits with zero investment.


Free cash restocking, online web monitoring, receipt paper, and 24hr customer support.


Customize ATM case to match brands or décor, and advertise on LCD screen topper.

All of our ATM rental units are wireless optional and GPS-tracked. Units are monitored 24 hours a day for cash levels and system issues, so you don’t have to worry about outages.

Contact one of our experts for help selecting the best ATM rental for your location.


Convenience, grocery, and liquor stores, malls, hospitals, offices, casinos, and clubs


Amphitheaters, strip malls, farmer’s markets, piers, and urban traffic areas 


Festivals, fairs, concerts, conventions, sporting events, fun runs, and air-shows

Ready to reserve an ATM?


  • Our guests expect us to always have a stocked ATM, and we’ve never let them down thanks to Jasson and his team. The machines are easy to use, and don’t take up valuable lobby space.

    Alfred Fitts Hilton Garden Inn
  • The turnout for our event was much bigger than we anticipated, and Easy Cash Services was able to meet our last-minute request for several on-site installations. They kept our visitors happy, and we made great money!

    Karyn Moran Dallas Young Professionals
  • The qualified staff, the ability to keep the ATM’s funded, and a prompt response time to any request rivals any leader in the ATM industry.

    Jim Vance

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